Send, Save and
Track your Money
With Ease!

From transfering funds to saving and
tracking your finances, Opay is the ultimate
financial assistant.


Send Money

It has never been this easy to transfer funds to your family or friends. With a simple tap between two phones, you can send as much money as you need without knowing their account.

Go completely cashless with Opay.

Save Your Money

Are you planning to go on a vacation? Or perhaps you want to buy a new car? Save smarter and use saving goals, earn various rewards and watch your savings grow!

Track Your Money

Stay up-to-date on how you are using your money. Figure out your biggest spenders and plan for your future, all in one application. Opay ensures you can see whether you are staying on top of all your financial goals or not.

What Are Your Waiting For?

Get the Opay app today, and have the best financial assistant right at your fingertips!